Under the Patronage of

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai

Welcome, Football Enthusiasts!

In a level playing ground of networking and cultural bonding, 16 teams will vie for the first AIM World Cup.

The two-day friendly match will bring investors, professional players, and football enthusiasts together in one of the curtain raiser events of the 10th edition of Annual Investment Meeting (AIM), world’s leading investment platform.

Titled ‘AIM World Cup’, this is one of the two socialising activities of Annual Investment Meeting. The 10th edition of AIM, World’s Leading Investment Platform, is themed ‘Investing for the Future: Shaping Global Investment Strategies’.

The revenues generated from AIM World Cup will go towards building funds to organize capacity-building workshops in developing countries.

Thirty-two teams from all continents will take part in the World Cup that aims to facilitate socialising among the investment community. Tickets will be made available for the public to watch the tournament.

The Football World Cup will be featured in all future editions of AIM, which brings together more than 140 countries, 300+ experts, and 20,000+ participants in Dubai every year.

Rules & Mechanics

  1. A team will be comprised of 10 players. 5 players (including the goalkeeper) can play at the field.
  2. The players must be between 18 and 50 years of age at the time of the tournament.
  3. Team can be comprised of both male and female members.
  4. Proper football gear (shoes and clothes) must be worn.
  5. Matches will be played with a Size 4 ball.
  6. Full matches will be done in 40 minutes
  7. Matches will be comprised of two halves of 20 minutes each, with additional 5 minutes for previous activities, 5 minutes for half time and another 5 minutes at the end.
  8. Based on the filled-out registration form, a bib number will be allocated to each player. This number must be retained for all matches throughout the competition.
  9. The number of teams per association is limited, early registration is encouraged:
  • Union of European Football Associations (UEFA): 8 teams
  • Asian Football Confederation (AFC): 8 teams
  • Confederation of African Football (CAF): 8 teams
  • South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL): 8 teams
  • Confederation of North, Central, and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF): 3 teams
  • Oceania Football Confederation (OFC): 1 team
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*Note: You may check which FIFA Association your country belongs to, visit www.fifa.com/associations/

Registration Procedure

  1. The organization should fill out this registration form. The team can have a minimum of 6 players and maximum of 10 players. The team captain shall represent the team for all administrative affairs.
  2. Depending on the association the team belongs to, the seeding will be made in a first come, first serve basis.
  3. A confirmation email of successful registration will be sent to the team. Upon receipt of confirmation, a fee of USD 500 per team (plus VAT) must be settled. This will include fees for the field, t-shirt, balls, flags, whistles, nets, medical staff, and hydration for all the team members. It does not include shoes, shorts, socks, shinguards, or goalkeeper gloves.

Pointing System

  1. For matches in the pool phase, teams are classified by earning points:
    Match won: 3 points
    Match won by forfeit: 3 points (=3-0 victory) Match tied and won: 1 point
    Match lost: 0 point
    Match lost by forfeit: 0 point (=3-0 loss)
  2. The following methods are used to decide between tied teams for ranking after the pool phase:
    • The head to head result between the teams concerned (in normal time or penalties)
    • If 3 teams are equal on points and they all beat each other, goal difference in all pool matches
    • Highest goals for
    • Least goals against
    • Team with best disciplinary record
    • Coin toss

In case of a tie during the second-phase matches, the declared winner will be the team that won the penalty shootout according to its rules.

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Other rules

  1. To begin a match, a team must have a minimum of 4 players. If expulsions occur during a match, a minimum of 4 players per team is required to continue the game. If a team does not have enough players to finish the game, it will lose the match by forfeit.
  2. For any red card violation, the player will automatically be suspended in the following match. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to determine the penalty.
  3. All disputes will be analysed by the Organizing Committee. Their decision is final and they also reserve the right to penalize teams during and outside of the tournament.
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