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Investment Awards

Concept Note

I. Background

The Annual Investment Meeting 2018 (AIM), an initiative from the UAE Ministry of Economy of the United Arab Emirates, will be held in Dubai from 9th to 11th of April 2018 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center. It is the region's first emerging markets FDI-focused event to offer a perfect blend of trade fair and intellectual features aimed at enriching institutional, corporate and individual investors attending with a comprehensive set of guidelines for their future investment decisions in high growth regions. Established as the new staple for foreign trade and FDI, AIM attracts a mix of high profile government officials, private asset owners and project promoters from all across the globe.

An important feature of the Annual Investment Meeting is AIM Investment Awards. This initiative was launched for the first time at AIM 2013 and has become a widely appreciated recognition of the best investment promotion agencies (IPAs) attracting the best investment project in a given year. At the Gala Dinner of the Annual Investment Meeting 2018, selected IPAs will be granted AIM Investment Awards. It is planned to award 9 regions globally as follows:

The following describes the approach and methodology.

II. Methodology

The research for identifying the nominees and their projects will be based on (1) compilation of all investment projects as suggested by IPAs though the submission of project details and (2) an approach of pre-selected IPAs in order to check their ability to attend the AIM.

A. Compilation of investment projects:

First step is gathering information on the most interesting worldwide investment projects contracted/commissioned during 2017 in order to identify the most relevant IPAs to be considered as nominees. An invitation letter to the general management of all relevant IPAs will be made to 1) Introduce the AIM nomination process and 2) request information on their best contracted/commissioned investment projects in the year 2017. There will be extensive use of AIM network of regional partners worldwide in order to get their local assessment and recommendations for exemplary projects to be considered for the awards. An intensive follow-up will be required to make sure that timely feedback is received.

A first screening of the investment projects will be made based on the information received and a Pre-Selection of the most relevant IPAs. A database will be completed and prepared to serve as a basis for approaching the relevant IPAs "Hot Candidates" in growing markets and follow-up with them.

B. Selection Criteria

To evaluate the short-listed projects a panel of up to 9 international experts should be formed, possibly with 1 expert for each of the 9 growing regions of the world. Experts will be asked to evaluate each of the short-listed projects using the below criteria and the evaluation based on the weighing percentage per criteria, recommend the overall best investment project.

Criteria Scoring Percentage
Investment Size (scroring weightage 10%)
Trade Balance Effects (scroring weightage 10%)
Knowledge Transfer (scoring weightage 20%)
Investor Servicing Process (scoring weightage 20%)
Sustainability and Local Linkages (scoring weightage 20%)
Impact On Country Competitiveness & FDI Attraction (scoring weightage 20%)
C. Selection Committee

D. Applying Steps:

E. Project Reports

The responses received from IPAs will be analyzed according to the evaluation criteria. The final project profiles will be submitted to the Award Selection Committee for their judgement. The profiles should also include indications on the potential attendance at AIM 2018.

3 winners from each region or continent will be selected:

  1. 1. Winner
  2. 2. Runner-Up
  3. 3. Backup in case the winner or runner up cannot attend.

III. Timing

In a ceremony during the Gala Dinner on 9th April 2018, AIM will provide investment awards to the best FDI projects in 2017 to recognize the accomplishment of the country in attracting a sizeable and beneficial foreign direct investment project.

IV. Benefits to the winning IPAs:

The winning IPAs can have the following benefits: