South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI)

The South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry evolved from the SA Chamber of Business (SACOB) which, in itself, was created by dynamic forces at play in South African business as the Federated Chamber of Industries amalgamated with the then ASSOCOM (Associated Chambers of Commerce).

Today SACCI represents a diverse spectrum of business interests from the around 50 regional chamber movements representing 20 000 small businesses, through to the 20 national associations (including large employers like the Security Industry Alliance which employs around half a million people) and 50 odd corporates- making SACCI the largest business grouping of business interests in South Africa with an estimated footprint of around 80% of GDP by value.

Given current and expected socio-economic circumstances- SACCI is the important and effective national “voice” of business. Advocacy, and lobbying functions,

which serve as the traditional, and remain, key responsibilities, will be needed even more in the years ahead but SACCI is far more than that- today.  This document is intended to illustrate the value of collective action by SACCI and how this serves the interests of members.

SACCI has, since 2016 February, been working on additional rewards and benefits to members at different layers of membership and our corporates are working with us to up the value proposition. For the corporates, it’s a question of accessing a captive market (the broad church of membership and their inherent employees) whilst the SACCI office seeks to make the relationship a win win in terms of improving the revenue stream for the organisation, thus allowing for the resourcing of more effective service offerings going forward.

In this regard, SACCI and its chambers are pushing the envelope of the traditional singular policy advocacy offering only.

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