Emirates & Europe Business Development Cluster

Emirates & Europe Business Development Cluster ( is a unique business organization, developing economic cooperation between Europe and the UAE. Among its members, apart from business representatives, there are also representatives from entities such as: local governments, universities, advisory institutions and companies, which contribute to development of its activities. The list of main goals that the cluster sets for itself, comprises of, among others: assistance in searching for trade partners or providing direct contact with companies from both Europe and the UAE, also with those with foreign equity, complex help in gaining EU grants, maximisation of benefits connected with development of business in the UAE and Europe as well as promotion and protection of member companies’ interest.

The consortium was founded with the aim to jointly build a new quality, using the potential of affiliated companies while protecting their interests at the same time.

The key activities of Emirates & Europe Business Development Cluster encompass:
• assistance in finding business partners,
• establishment of direct contact with European and Emirati companies,
• exchange of information on the economic conditions, local markets, etc.
• representation of member companies at the selected trade fairs in Europe and the UAE,
• support in raising funds from European programs,
• promotion and protection of the interests of member companies,
• representation of member companies,
• dissemination of knowledge on the benefits associated with the development of European-Emirati business cooperation.

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