Amman Chamber of Commerce (ACC)

Quick overview on the (ACC)

Established in the year 1923, Amman Chamber of Commerce (ACC) is one of the oldest and largest chambers of commerce in Jordan aiming at organizing trade activities for its members, representing them and tackling their issues.
The Amman Chamber of Commerce plays a vital role on social and economic renaissance, it has gained prominent place among the Jordanian private sector institutions by representing the commercial and services sector. 

- Vision: 

“Upgrade the (ACC) towards wider horizons all over the globe”

- Mission: 

“Achieve active representation, protect the trade sector’s interests, participate in drawing up legislations and provide unique services aiming at participating in the sustainable economic development in Jordan”.

- Core values:

  “Credibility and transparency, Collective action, Mutual respect, Institutional work, Accountability and Excellence of performance”

The Amman Chamber of Commerce (ACC) has many objectives, namely: 

• Serving the (ACC) members, and meeting their needs.
• Providing the latest information about the market and economy.
• Encouraging international trade.
• Settling commercial disputes. 
• Supporting (SMEs), and encouraging innovative and entrepreneurial projects. 
• Attracting local and foreign investments.
• Upgrading the Chamber’s Infrastructures and technologies used. 

ACC presents many services for the commercial and services sector, most notably: 

1. ACC has launched the “One-Stop-Shop” service, gathering a number of liaison offices representing governmental entities.
2. The Entrepreneurship Directorate “Darret Al Riyada” aims at providing entrepreneurs the logistic support in (ICT) sector.
3. Health insurance for members of the general assembly and their families.
4. Providing data through the Chamber’s website.
5. Online bulletin of the chamber, containing information on commercial and investment opportunities.
6.  Issuing Certificates of Origin, letters or recommendation and Guarantees.
7. Renewal of Annual subscription and Membership data update electronically. 
8. Presenting data and information on foreign trade, and responding to any enquires. 
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