UAE International Investors Council


To act as a link between investors abroad and the government in order to promote the competitiveness of Emirates investments abroad and remove obstacles.


To join investment efforts of Emirates companies investing abroad under one umbrella to form an investment power to facilitate obstacles before members, strengthen foreign investment relations and support a sustainable economic development.

About the Council of the UAE investors abroad

In the context of the UAE efforts to promote economic diversification in the light of what the private sector witnesses in terms of growth and expansion and enhance the State’s reputation in the world as an effective economic power able to implement large economic projects anywhere in the world, and in the context of the State seeking to promote investment in areas that would advance national economy through foreign investments, the Council has been established to be a pillar that contributes to the protection of UAE capitals abroad as well as a side that provides advice, guidance and logistical support to the members who are investing abroad.

UAEIIC Objectives.

To act as a link between the UAEIIC members and UAE governmental agencies in order to serve the best interests of the national economy.

To provide a platform that supports, protects, promotes and expands the benefits & goals of the UAE’s investors abroad.

To coordinate UAEIIC Members’ positions to overcome the obstacles that face the business of UAE companies investing abroad.

To collect and share information on national investments abroad, and assess the effects of economic measures (imposed by the host countries), on the national economic interests.

To represent UAEIIC members at meetings with third parties in the countries hosting national investments for the interest of member investors.

To build a database on foreign investment opportunities and perspectives of the various foreign markets.

To provide a thorough analysis on the investment environment in global markets.

To provide opinions and suggestions to governmental entities on policies, agreements and laws relating to international investments.

To take any action necessary to achieve these stated goals, and to initiate any range of activities that aim to promote UAE investments abroad.

UAEIIC Mandate

Hold regular meetings with representatives of the government related to the UAE investments abroad.

Hold quarterly periodic meetings with its members.

Assessment and development of mechanisms for putting forward correlated views and opinions on Members’ investments abroad.

Establish links with governmental and non-governmental bodies within and without the State.

Coordination between the UAE investors in overseas markets on the economic sector and geographic concentration level.

Official delegations participating in the commercial -nature- Foreign visits organized by government agencies.

Participate in meetings, conferences and exhibitions that promote International Investments.

Send exploratory and assessment delegations for investment opportunities in international markets.

To express an opinion in the trade policies of other countries that affect the UAE investments abroad and make recommendations to the competent official authorities.

Issue guidelines, scientific studies and analytical reports on foreign markets and promising opportunities therein.

Meet foreign trade delegations and communicate and develop links with them.

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