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FDI Center is a leading advisory firm in the field of foreign direct investment. We specialize in the attraction of FDI by investment promotion agencies, other government agencies and industrial parks from all parts of the world. Founded in 2017, FDI Center is rapidly becoming the foremost source of practical advice related to all aspects of FDI attraction.

We work with countries, regions, cities, special economic zones and industrial parks from around the world to develop and implement successful strategies and approaches for attracting and retaining foreign investment. We know how intensely locations compete to attract investment. We focus on the practical aspects of FDI attraction that directly impact our clients’ day-to-day activities and performance – not on theory or policy.
Our support covers key areas of investment promotion performance and operations, including
  • Developing strategies for FDI attraction, aftercare and facilitation;
  • Providing practical training, capacity development and coaching to FDI professionals;
  • Creating the optimal structure for a new or existing investment promotion agency;
  • Assessing investment promotion performance and benchmarking with competitors;
  • Determining staff requirements and helping to recruit qualified personnel;
  • Developing and implementing marketing strategies and initiatives.
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