To stimulate the local economy, and build growing and thriving businesses to ensure a viable social capacity and sustainable community resilience.


Our mission is to fulfill our vision by providing representation, information and support to local businesses; and promoting community engagement in local social activities.


  • Represent the needs and interests of local businesses at a local, provincial, national and international levels
  • Provide business support to help businesses rise to the opportunities, challenges and demands facing all business sectors
  • Work with local, provincial and national government to shape policies that affect businesses
  • Support businesses throughout their life cycle from start-ups, development stages; growth stages and beyond
  • Encourage local businesses to invest in poverty alleviation in their communities


  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Commitment
  • Innovation


We believe in the power of unity and strive to cultivate deep relationships. We are also aware that putting this into practice takes a great deal of time and effort, but the dividends far outweigh the personal cost.

  • Human beings were naturally created with a need and desire for companionship therefore we cannot live full, rich lives unless we share with other people.
  • Through mutual effort we will have a good return of our labour
  • Through mutual support we will lift each other up
  • Through mutual encouragement we will be able to face threatening times
  • Through strength we will resist attacks


In the execution of such value proposition, the chamber offers the following to its constituents:


Vaal River Chamber of Commerce and Industry provides a wide range of services to its members including coordination and facilitation of activities and events


  • Business Networking – Breakfast, lunch and cocktail functions are held where members have the opportunity to listen to and engage with Ministers, Ambassadors, Foreign Dignitaries, Government officials and CEOs of major corporations. Members also find an opportunity to develop mutually beneficial relationships with other entrepreneurs
  • Seminars and Workshops which are run throughout the year for businesses where a range of sector-specific issues are covered including various business regulations
  • Business Exhibitions and Promotions where promotional opportunities at seminars, conventions, trade fairs and exhibitions, both locally and internationally, are secured fo our members
  • Training and Development includes customized training and support sevices aimed at the development of entrepreneurship
  • Trade Bulletin is a bi-weekly bulletin of trade opportunities distributed electronically to members about business activities in South Africa and around the globe. Members receive information about international and local exhibitions and conferences, trade missions, trading opportunities, trade leads, tenders, workshops, seminars, summits and networking opportunities. It expands opportunities for trade and business development, especially SME-to-SME cross-border trade.


  • Free business directory listing on our website http://vaalriverchamber.sacci.org.za
  • Access to business incubation centers
  • SMME development through customised training workshops
  • Business services such as:
  • Business advice tailored to the needs of individual businesses
  • Specialist business information & support sources
  • Business coaching and mentoring
  • International trade services such as:
  • Export advice & support
  • International trade promotions & exhibitions
  • Export documentation & training
  • Access to clear, simple and trustworthy information


Besides our engagement and commitment in development of business opportunities for local businesses, our focus will also be on:

  • Addressing key social issues and the needs of our local communities in relation to education and employment
  • Maximising the value of investment and enterprise development in our most disadvantaged communities
  • Holding public meetings where every member of the community will be encouraged to contribute to decision-making
  • Offering support to a wide range of community initiatives
  • Encourage the growth of social entrepreneurship in Vaal

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