NCCIM traces its origin back to 1962; where by virtue of a cabinet decision gave rise to the need for establishment, when four (4) principal Chambers of Commerce united to form the United Chamber of Commerce of Malaysia. It was restructured in 1974 to include the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers and was renamed the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (NCCIM).

As a non-profit, non-governmental organization, NCCIM’s role is to help represents the interest of the Malaysian business community on the domestic and international fronts.

In pursuant to the Constitution of NCCIM, the general objective of NCCIM is to promote, foster and protect the interests of all corporations and persons carrying on commerce and industry in Malaysia, and in particular;

  • To promote the consideration and discussion of all questions connected with or relating to Commerce and Industry,
  • To collect views of members and of any other person or organization which it considers is interested in commerce and industry, and report the same to the Government of Malaysia or any State Government and to any other organization, Council or Committee concerned,
  • To represent the interests of the members in all matters which may be referred to it by any such Government or by any of the said members,
  • To collect, publish and circulate statistics and any other information relating to commerce and industry,
  • To coordinate and cooperate with the public and private sector in order to promote better growth and understanding in commerce and industry,
  • To represent commerce and industry within the region and international In particular, to further the objectives and interests of the ASEAN Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and towards this end to serve as the main vehicle for Malaysian private sector participation in the economic activities of the region
  • To do all such things as may be deemed incidental or conducive to the furtherance for all or any of the above objectiv

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