Nazha Aschenbrenner
Director of AIM Congress


Mrs. Nazha Benabbes Taarji-Aschenbrenner
Nazha Benabbes Taarji-Aschenbrenner is the Director of AIM Congress and a Senior Advisor on Investment Promotion and Facilitation since June 2012. She is responsible for the development of the substantive content of the event and its many features. She also collaborated with Locations4Business to lead the development of the company activities in Emerging Markets as Director. Prior to her current responsibilities, she was the Director of the Investment Capacity-Building Branch as well as the Chief of the Business Facilitation Section of the UNCTAD‘s Division on Investment & Enterprise. She has accumulated an extensive experience of more than twenty years in the area of investment, business facilitation and entrepreneurship development. She developed and supervised investment promotion programmes in a large number of countries in different regions of the world by collaborating with investment promotion intermediaries to enhance their investment promotion and strategic retention capacities through the provision of pragmatic tools, advisory services and training workshops. In the area of business facilitation, she led the programmes assisting developing countries with tailored e-government applications that enhance transparency and efficiency in administrative procedures relevant to conducting business. She was also responsible for producing investment guides to promote FDI to developing countries as well as being in-charge of UNCTAD‘s i-Portals, which is an on-line administrative interface between government and investors, and the Intellectual Property unit.

Ms Benabbes Taarji-Aschenbrenner was also the Chief of the UNCTAD Investment Promotion Section. Through its Advisory Services on Investment and Training Group (ASIT) she developed and supervised technical assistance activities in the area of investment promotion and capacity building assisting developing countries and economies in transition to establish an enabling environment for Investment, to attract more FDI and benefit from it. She was also responsible for the development and backstopping of WAIPA and was the founder of its World Investment Conference.

Having joined the United Nations in 1981, she worked previously as a diplomat with the Morocco Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She has a dual citizenship as Moroccan and Austrian. She is a graduate of Nice University (France) and the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) of Johns Hopkins University (United States).

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