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Who we are?
Dubai FDI, the Dubai Investment Development Agency in the Department of Economic Development (DED)-Government of Dubai, provides guidance, support and hands-on help for foreign investors looking to build a successful business in Dubai.

Dubai is well established as the prime destination for multinational corporations to set up their regional base and serve the high growth markets in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia most eciently. Its global reputation as a wealth generator and investment stronghold continues to drive the city’s growth. Dubai is also an ideal launch pad
and complete growth ecosystem for small and medium enterprises across diverse sectors.

As a non-profit partner, Dubai FDI works alongside new ventures and existing companies to ensure their smooth journey towards solid and sustainable success. We assist and guide on all aspects of business decisions, from identifying opportunities across key sectors and determining the best legal structure to connecting investors to a vast network of government and private sector facilitators and clients.

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