Ministerial Declaration




  • Participants welcomed the opportunity created by the conference for stakeholders from government and the private sector to consider the critical role of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that will be adopted this year by the United Nations General Assembly (as part of the new Post-2015 Development Agenda). Within this context, it was agreed that the ultimate outcome of FDI must be to promote inclusive growth, jobs and prosperity. Countries need to identify their comparative advantages and build national strategies based on a defined vision for their most competitive sectors. To achieve the scale of investments required for the attainment of the SDGs, innovative public-private partnerships underpinned by stable and predictable national public policies are essential.
  • In order to attract FDI, countries need to develop stable, predictable and transparent investment climates. The most effective use of FDI is to create long term infrastructure. Two ways to fast track FDI into countries can be through fiscal policies and free economic zones.
  • Great opportunities exist for Investments in agriculture to ensure food security for the growing populations of the world. Creating the enabling environment for innovation and technological advances will be essential to achieving these goals.
  • Partnerships between host and recipient countries to safeguard the interests of the investor and recipient can support sustainable development. FDI benefits should reach not just a few individuals but societies at large through transparent, predictable and non-discriminatory business regulations and investment policies.
  • To this end, participants welcomed the idea of the Dubai Minister of Economy for establishing a Committee of Stakeholders to address the challenges of attracting FDI into Africa for agriculture and other sectors. Such a Committee of interested parties could explore how to drive investments into sustainable agricultural production systems and supply-chain development, building on best practices in the nexus of energy-water-food security.

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