AIM Congress
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AIM Conference 2013

“A Future International Economic Landscape in the Making, Implications on FDI and the Economic Growth Prospects in Emerging & Frontier Markets”

As one of the most anticipated FDI-focused conference targeting emerging markets and high growth regions, the third edition of the AIM Conference delivered high caliber discussions on the future face of globalization and its implications on foreign direct investments and the development prospects of emerging & frontier markets. In line with its now established tradition, the AIM Conference presented an impressive faculty of reputed experts, world renowned economists, respected practitioners and high profile speakers. The AIM Conference proposed a compelling variety of inspiring addresses, true stories, comprehensive case studies, informative insights and fact-checked perspectives that enriched attendees knowledge and overall foreign investment experience. AIM Conference in 2013 presented a wealth of strategies, do’s & don’ts for savvy, well-informed investors.

Sessions Format

  1. Keynote addresses with  onstage  one-to-one interview
  2. Special guest speeches with onstage one-to-one interview
  3. Executive Panel  Discussions followed by extensive Q&A with the audience
  4. Analytical perspective with facts & figures checked statistics
  5. Case Studies with guidelines & recommendations
  6. Stream sessions focusing on:
    • High yield investment sectors
    •  Investment Vehicles
    •  Risk Management 101
    •  Global Policies

Key Topics

  • Agribusiness
  • Natural Resource Sector Investment (Agriculture, Mining,Raw Materials)
  • Government New Investment Policies & Strategies
  • Fiscal Policies and Double Taxation Treaties
  • Investment Institutional & Regulatory Frameworks and Incentives to Attract FDI
  • Competition Policies
  • Global and Regional Investment Trends including M&As,
    New Types and Modes of Investment
  • SWFs Investment Policies, strategies and Objectives
  • New Determinants of FDi and Motives of International Enterprises
  • Public-Private Partnerships and Collaborative Eff orts for Investment
  • Technology Parks and Clusters
  • Tourism, Hospitality Business & Real Estate Markets
  • Global Value-Chains
  • Regional and International Cooperation on Trade and
  • Economic Governance
  • Impact of Budgetary Austerity on Global FDI Flows
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