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Kai Hammerich


KA Foreign Investment Corporation, Sweden

Kai Hammerich (KH), who started KA Foreign Investment Corporation AB in 2008, has
got a background in Government, industry, international organizations, journalism and
academia. He has got an extensive international experience covering public and private
operations as well as being a member of several Swedish and foreign board of directors.

In Government, KH has been the Director of Invest in Sweden Agency, the President of
the World Assiociation of Investment Promotion Agencies, and the Chairman of the Borad
of the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. In industry, KH was the Executive
Vice President of the automotive and aerospace corporation Saab-Scania AB.

KH has university degrees from Sweden and France in law, political science and economics.
He is an author of political literature. He has also recived several distinctions from Sweden
and abroad.

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