AIM 2019 Speakers

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Igor Calvet

Deputy Secretary Special Secretariat of Productivity, Labor and Competitiveness

Ministry of the Economy – Brazil

PhD Candidate and master´s degree in Political Science at University of Brasília - Universidade
de Brasília (UNB). He is Specialist in Public Policy and Government.
Currently he is Deputy Secretary of Special Secretariat of Productivity, Labor and
Competitiveness at Brazilian Ministry of The Economy. Between 2016 and 2018, he was
Secretary of Development and Industrial Competitiveness at the extinct Ministry of Industry,
Foreign Trade and Services (MDIC). Before, he was market analyst at Brazilian Agency for Export and Investment Promotion – APEXBRASIL. He was Chief Advisor of the Department of Industrial Complex and Innovation at Brazilian Ministry of Health and managed the regulatory and international affairs team at the
Secretariat of Science, Technology and Strategic Inputs. He was General Coordinator of the automotive sector at MDIC and member of the Board of Management of Genetic Heritage and of the Interministerial Intelectual Property Group (GIPI). He was Director of the Department of Industrial Competitiveness at MDIC.

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