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Douglas van den Berghe

Vice President - Advisory

Conway, Inc.

Douglas van den Berghe has more than 20 years of experience in economic development and corporate advisory. He holds a PhD in Business Administration from Erasmus University Rotterdam. As a management and strategy consultant, he has assisted many corporate clients in successfully implementing their global investment strategies, their location selection, as well as optimising their global supply chains across the world. 

Some of his corporate clients include Shell, Philips, Electrolux, HB Fuller, Appvion, John Deere, Johnson Controls, Knowles, Appnovation Technologies, and ING. 

Douglas is currently advising multiple countries in emerging and frontier markets on their investment (promotion), economic development and investment policies. He also works closely with many countries and private developers in successfully setting up and growing free zones. His latest research and interest is focused on sustainability and competitiveness. 

Douglas is an enthusiastic and stimulating guest speaker at numerous events and conferences around the world including UNCTAD World Forum for Investment, Annual Investment Meeting (AIM), International Economic Development Council (IEDC) annual conference, World Forum for FDI, CAIPA Investment Forum and World Free Zone Organization (World FZO) and many local conferences and seminars around the world.  

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