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Chris Knight

Global Commercial Director

fDi Intelligence, UK

Chris Knight is the Global Commercial Director for fDi Intelligence. Chris has been working in the
field of foreign direct investment and advising governments for over 10 years. Chris is an expert in
the benchmarking of locations, analysing and interpreting FDI trends worldwide and how best to
market and promote your location.

Chris has worked with over 80 economic development organisations worldwide in all aspects of
foreign direct investment including: lead generation, event organisation and management, best
practice, investment promotion and location benchmarking propositions. Chris has extensive
experience working in global markets including Asia, Europe, North America, South America,
Africa and Middle East.

Previously Chris worked as a senior analyst for OCO Global in Belfast where he worked with
many different projects including economic development strategy and lead generation, with many
of the largest investment promotional agencies throughout the world.

Over the past few years, Chris has started to run training workshops on best practice in FDI.
These have been in Poland, Brazil, Johannesburg and UK.

Speaker Topics
Global FDI trends on inward and outward investment projects
Impact of Brexit and current world affairs on FDI
How locations can attract international inward investment and strengthen their brand
Best practices in lead generation, aftercare and account management
How best to market your location
Plotting big data against properties to see the competitiveness of a region
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